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Jenny Holm
Magic-using mafia mole in a post-apocalyptic police's drug department

✕ world info
World history can be found here!
Being born with magical abilities, Jenny was 'sold' to a crime syndicate before her birth to pay off her parents' debts. The syndicate's plan was easy: Get their hands on and train magic-using, unrelated to them children secretly, let them stay in their families and go through school and uni superficially normal, so they can infiltrate politics and government and work as moles for them. That's exactly what happened with Jenny, and she's a police officer now, working in the drug department and shuffling things around to support her syndicate's business in that field.
Jenny is 43, looks mid-twenties (magic users age slower), is divorced with one young adult daughter, and worked her way up from upper lower to upper middle class. Her magic allows her to, when touching another creature's life stream (their blood, or an equivalent), absorb them into her own blood. This means that the other live form will completely vanish into her, and she can then at any given time expel it again in form of a small, semi-transparent sphere of the colour of the creature's life stream, like a marble, which is called energy capsule and can be used for various enhancements.
Her world consists of multiple cities, each of them different in society and economy, that stand over the few remaining water systems in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Her home city can be compared to modern day Scandinavia in society, economy, etc.

✕ About Play
  • Open to all genres
  • If you wanna chat about a psl, just PM me
  • Gen is OTA, romance is f/f only, I'm not interested in smut
  • Generally I am always up for smushing canons together enough to make handwavey motions at everyone involved just having travelled very far OR to use interdimensional portal shenanigans or something like that as a plot device - it would be easy to blame interdimensional travel on another magic user in her world.
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After the apocalypse, along with all the things that went downhill, a good deal of people started to be born with the Gift: Magic abilities that, depending on their ethnic belonging, take a fairly specific form (the so-called "bloodline" - scientists are fairly certain that the actual decisive factor is where the ancestors who make up the majority of someone's heritage lived when the descent of magic began during the early calamities, but calling it "ethnic belonging" or "bloodline" has been conflated with that in the understanding of the public. This also means that people who have less than 50% of any given heritage cannot have the gift, which has promoted the idea that one should not marry outside their own ethnicity and thus a high level of matrimonial segregation). The gift at first is nothing but a potential, but it can be trained... up to a certain point. It can be raised in addition to training or even replacing it by Initiation, at which the person's title turns from "adept" to "mage": A process that corrupts body and soul and thus brings them closer to earth, thus granting greater magical strength and immortality (people with the gift are generally slower ageing and longer lived than regular humans), but also taking from the person the ability to produce uncorrupted life: They will not be able to bear or sire children anymore, because they would be born as monsters.

EnglishWhen touching another creature's life stream (their blood, or an equivalent) the adept can absorb them into their own blood. This means that the other live form will completely vanish into them, and they can then at any given time expel it again in form of a small, semi-transparent sphere of the colour of the creature's life stream, like a marble. The spheres are called "energy capsules", though that is only one of the abilities that they can provide:
1) They can give anyone who holds them in their hand an energy boost. The capsules get more effective the stronger the magic user's power is. One can either use it to boost a current task or simply avoid having to go to sleep for another couple of hours.
2) Only the adept can use the capsules to access the physical form and/or the powers of the absorbed creature. This effect will last for some hours or until they terminates it.
3) Only the adept can use the capsules to access the memory of the absorbed creature. This effect will be as permanent as all memory is - with time, it will fade.
If Initiated, an English mage's energy capsules will corrupt anyone using them who isn't already corrupted before, in other words: Everyone who isn't a mage. Since a number of English magic users sells their energy capsules as untraceable, semi-legal doping devices, that is actually a pretty huge drawback.
SwedishCombat-oriented (but useful for other uses as well) skill-set centred around metal and fire. Both can be transformed and created at will, but nothing can be created or transformed permanently.Same as adept.
FinnishCleansing and healing (returning things to their natural state).Corruption, killing and mind manipulation - essentially, bringing things into an unnatural, harmful state.
PolishManipulating time - skipping it, stretching it or compressing it. An adept will only transport uncorrupted beings in their surroundings with them, unless they specifically want to include a corrupted being (including mages).The gained ability to skip backwards in time, with all the dangers that it brings. When a mage manipulates time, all the corrupted beings in their surroundings will follow along, if they want it or not.
KoreanDuplication, both of themselves and of others/items. While there is no technical limit on this, all duplication that is maintained at a time will divide an adept's energy, and energy isn't endless. So both the adept and the duplicates will get weaker and weaker. All duplicates will be corrupted. The higher the grade of initiation, the higher the chance that the process will also corrupt the original.
Bavarian- Swabian-AustrianBecoming one with the Earth. This allows for a variety of uses: Travelling quickly/to blocked places by forwarding oneself through the earth, hiding from being seen, but also from all kinds of dangers, feeling vibrations in the ground, even analyzing it. Due to their connection to the earth, this is one of the only two bloodlines that can and will be initiated into grade one if they use parts of their gift too much, specifically all that include a physical melting into the earth. On the flip side their abilities stay the exact same ones when initiated.
Swiss- Badish The same as the above, just with stone. The same as the above, just with stone.
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Player name: Kira
Contact: [ profile] narwa
Characters currently in-game: Muscovy

Character Name: Jenny Holm
Character Age: 43 (looks mid-twenties)
Canon: OC
Canon Point: Two months after the death of her sister Abigail

World Description: For OCs only- delete if you are apping a canon character. Here is where a short description of your OC's world and the kind of place they came from goes. This doesn't need to be extensively detailed, we just need an idea of the setting!

History: A link to wiki is acceptable here, for characters with sufficient wiki entries. If your character does not have a Wiki, is an OC, or is not sufficiently mentioned in their canon's Wiki, then please give us a little more information about the story that lead up to their canon point. Please try to be concise- we're not looking for a play-by-play, we simply want an idea of what they've been up to!

Personality: As always, here's the section you want to be thorough on. If you're having trouble, ask yourself about your character motivations, how they interact with strangers or friends, what drives them, and how their personalities have developed and grown throughout canon. While we encourage the use of canon examples to back up personality statements, we also value your own voice and opinions here.

Inventory: Weapons, pets, the kitchen sink? If it's on your character at the time of their canon point and it can fit through an 8' by 4' hole, then they can bring it in. Vehicles, large mechs, and pet elephants, however, will have to stay at home.

Abilities: This is the section where you would detail your character's powers, if they have any. In addition, we would like to know the things that your character excels at. Are they a good fighter? A chessmaster? Do they know ancient Greek? Let us know!

Flaws: In theory, the Door only brings in evil and chaos. Here is where you would detail the chaotic parts of your character- let us know some of the bad things about them, maybe some of the wicked acts they've done, why they could have been swept up by the Door. Even small things, like 'he gets angry when someone steals his lunch at work' or 'she oversleeps all the time' will count. If your character is the purest cinnamon roll to ever exist and has nothing horrible about them, then you can put that in this section as well and be an exception to the rule.

Action Log Sample: We only require one sample in Hadriel, and it can either be in paragraph or bracket form. The sample must be at least 300 word minimum and should demonstrate your character's thoughts and introspection. You may link samples from our monthly Test Drive Meme as well.

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